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The Foundation's Objectives :-

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We aim to :-

  • To build a genealogical family tree for the Ó Maelearcaidh (Mullarkey) clan, through research into individual family trees. The genealogical data so obtained, to form the basis for socioeconomic study mentioned below.
  • Through research into the system of Irish clan tanistry, to establish a legitimate means to formally re-establish a clan structure.
  • Research into the Gaelic origins of the Ó Maelearcaidh name.
  • Research into spelling variations of the Ó Maelearcaidh name as it mutated into English forms, notably Mullarkey and Malarky.
  • To acquire a premises, which can act both as a place where Irish culture can be studied and as a clan centre for clan genealogical material.
  • To undertake research into Irish cultural, economic and social history, with emphasis on reviewing original documentation and comparing this with genealogical and other data, gleaned from the socioeconomic study of the Ó Maelearcaidh clan.
  • To issue a half yearly newsletter, with articles on relevant clan and research matters.

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